12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income Hits NBS Latest Bestsellers List

I received an email from mr. Alvin T. Tabanag, a month ago, that his first book 12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income "made it to National Bookstores' latest Bestsellers List"- in just eight months!

I purchased his book, online, sometime in February 2009. After reading it for the nth time, I decided to become an Individual Distribution Agent (I.D.A.), primarily to share the book to my friends and colleagues.

I was able to sell and earn extra income. But what's more exciting was when I received thank you's and first hand comments and praises for the books from my friends and buyers.

They thank me for sharing to them ordinary pinoy's practical guide in saving and growing money.

I was able to sell the book to a Project Manager, Transco Engineer, Fullbright schoolar, Supervisors, ordinary employees, newlywed couples, friends and relatives.

All of them were glad that I shared the book. One of them said, "thank you for offering the book. I learned a lot about money and saving." Another one said, "this is the best pinoy book for beginners's journey to financial frredom."

After reading the book for the nth time, I was convinced by the author's goal of helping people understand personal finance. I was convinced that the book, really, should be in every family's house.

The book is simply written, yet it powerfully enhance learning and understanding of money. It has the power to increase Filipinos financial IQ, the easy way.

The author sprinkled it with timely Filipino sayings that if we seriously apply in our lives will help us achieve financial peace of mind.

Indeed, the book is written with a heart and the sincerest desire to bring to every Filipino the good news on how to achieve financial abundance, no matter how much one is earning right now.


If you want a copy of the book, please feel free to contact 0906-366-9577 for order and free delivery within Metro MAnila.

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