Concerned Groups Asked Government to Stop Aerial Sparying of Pesticides in Mindanao

The National Task Force Against Aerial Spraying (NTFAAS), together with Mamamayan Ayaw sa Aerial Spraying, Akbayan, Ang Katipunan ng Samahang Maharlika, Ateneo Student Catholic Action, Buklod Tao, Concerned Citizens Against Pollution, EcoWaste Coalition, KAISAHAN, Office for Social Concern and Involvement-AdMU, Partido Kalikasan, SALIGAN, Simbahan Lingkod ng Bayan, Greenpeace and other concerned groups organized a "MARTSA-NOISE BARRAGE – PIKET LABAN SA AERIAL SPRAYING" last September 4, 2009, Friday.

The activity was for the health, environment and human rights.

Participants walked from Philcoa heading to the Department of Agriculture (DA), FPA and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The group asked Government Agencies to immediately take action to stop aerial spraying of pesticides at banana plantations in Mindanao.

The Departmnet of Health has already decided to stop the aerial spraying to protect the health of the people. So, the concerned agencies must now take action.

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