A Blessed Sacrament or A Burning Light?

A pilgrim at Regina RICA, on a Black Saturday of 2015, showed this picture of Our Lady Regina Rosarii, he has taken on their visit. He said the illuminating circle near the heart of Mama Mary and the right hand of Baby Jesus is a Blessed Sacrament. For me, it looks like a burning  or illuminating globe. What is your message Our Lady? What is your message Jesus?



The story below is the vocation story of my novitiate formator, Sr, Matthew Brasil, OP and my Superior General and Founder of our congregation, Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP. I chanced to browse this story today. A very inspiring story. 

Vocation Story of Sr. Mary Matthew Brasil, OP and her family’s call to the consecrated life

“Mom, I really would like to be a nun,” Sr. Matthew declared.

Sr. Matthew’s mom couldn’t believe what she just heard. Although she was happy about it, she had this tinge of doubt if her daughter was mature enough to be a nun. She brought her to two priests and a bishop to consult about the matter. All three of them said that Sr. Matthew was old enough to decide.

Her parents didn’t talk her out of it but just kept silent and observed. Little did Sr. Matthew know that in the evenings, when she and her sister were asleep, her parents cried in their room and prayed the rosary for strength. “I believe that it has been their quiet dream to have a Sister as a daughter. But it was hard for them to accept that young as I am, I would go to the convent. It’s too soon; only 15 years old, and I’m out of their lives. But they kept that to themselves.”

Her parents chose the better part. But who might have thought that this act of bittersweet surrender to the will of God would herald the birth of an extraordinary vocation story ever told or known that would go down in history? Sr. Matthew paved the path for the fulfillment of God’s plan for her whole family. And their lives were never the same again.    

A Daydream Come True
 Born in Iloilo, Sr. Matthew was raised by parents who were devout Catholics. Her dad was a Carmelite tertiary while her mom was a member of the Legion of Mary. At an early age, she was already exposed to the Catholic faith and practices. Her parents’ close connections with priests and nuns, she believes, influenced the religiosity of their family.

Her interest towards the religious life started when she was five. “There’s already a religious experience that was very strong,” she recalls. “I was not very prayerful. In fact, our mom has to call us from bed in order to be able to go to Mass. But in other ways, I could already feel the draw of the Lord to enter religious life.”

During her teenage years, she daydreamed about visiting and serving people in the hospital in a white habit. While the teens during her time went gaga over Elvis Presley or other singing idols and movie stars, she wondered why she didn’t have that kind of feeling. She surmised that she could not pursue another way of life other than the religious life.

She got attracted to the lifestyle of the religious – simple, godly living, and for the good of others – the same lifestyle she witnessed from her parents. Though her parents practiced simple living, she never felt deprived and resentful even if she didn’t have what others had. From the example of her parents she learned the virtues of patience, servanthood, sacrifice and acceptance.

Sr. Matthew recalled her mom’s words: “Sacrifice a little bit. Mortify a little bit,” and “Love God, love your neighbors, and yourself.” And she realized, though only later, that by offering her life to the Lord as a nun, she was, in a best way, able to apply her mother’s advice.

Sr. Matthew entered the convent of the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary without a hitch. Her parents supported her decision and on the day she entered, they even accompanied her to the convent. “I thank the Lord that things were easy for me,” she said. “Not quite like some of the Sisters that went in. They ‘eloped’ with the Lord. Others brought only one small bag and they were there in the convent because they took off from their parents. Others pretended to go to school but ended up there.”

 The Younger Sibling’s Call
 “My God, what’s going on?” exclaimed Sr. Matthew’s mom when she learned that her youngest daughter, Sr. Eppie, would also enter the convent. She didn’t expect this for everything was set for Sr. Eppie’s entrance to medical school.   

Sr. Matthew said that she didn’t influence her sister to enter the convent nor did the topic ever  come up in their conversation. When she learned about her sister’s plan, she told her, “It’s up to you. If that is your calling, just be true to it if you would like to continue. But it’s not going to be easy.” She replied, “Well if you have managed, I can also manage.”

Sr. Matthew was on her third year of her temporary vows when Sr. Eppie, 16, entered the same congregation.
Put to the Test
 “Primero Dios” (God first). Morir antes que pecar” (Die before you sin),” her mom always told them. These words, ingrained in their minds and written in their hearts, served as an “inner compass” that guided them in their daily living. And up to now as they do their work as religious Sisters.  And when the need arises, they consult their “inner compass” and ask themselves, “Do you think dad will like this? Do you think mom will accept?”

When Sr. Matthew was then a principal in one of the schools in Hawaii, she attended a convention where she happened to be the only Sister there. Then some of the organizing officers of that convention invited her to go somewhere else. Since she wore a habit, Sr. Matthew felt that it wouldn’t be good for her to go there. One of the officers told her, “You can take off your habit. We won’t tell anybody. This is a free country and you can do whatever you like.” To that she replied, “I know that and nobody will say anything that I’ll be going there. Nobody will probably know me but I know myself.”

Sr. Eppie faced a similar situation while she was in Rome. Her friends told her, “Eppie, your mommy is not here anymore. Why don’t you do it at least for the fun of it?” And then Sr. Eppie looked at them and said, “Yes, but my conscience will not be happy.”

“We dared to be different in a good sense, in God’s ways,” Sr. Matthew said.

Choosing a Higher Call
Now that the Brasil home has become an empty nest, their parents’ earlier call to the religious life resurfaced. Before Sr. Matthew’s parents crossed each other’s paths, they both considered the religious vocation. But during that time, it was impossible for them to pursue it because of the war (WWII broke) and the family set-up. When they met, they took on the vocation as husband and wife having a family.

“It was a strong leap of faith and an impossible struggle for what congregation would accept a married couple?” Sr. Matthew said. “But if it is the will of the Lord, things will happen.”

During that time, the Vatican council was doing things ad experimentum. Her parents were given permission to enter if there was a community that would accept them. “God was good because He allowed the Dominican Fathers to accept Dad and the Dominican Sisters to accept Mom,” Sr. Matthew said.  Her parents’ wedding was then officially dispensed by Rome. But they both waited for their daughters to become professed Sisters before they entered for if one or both daughters went out, they would both go out, too. They said, “We are parents first and whatever else, second.”

They entered at the age of 49, at the height of their careers and during the time of “exodus” when the religious were leaving the convents/seminaries. Her dad, Fray Domingo Brasil became a Dominican brother with solemn vows while her mom, Sr. Amelia Brasil became a professed Sister with perpetual vows.

Facing Challenges 
 Challenges and struggles are part and parcel of the religious life. The day before her final vows, Sr. Matthew had serious doubts about her vocation and wanted to leave the convent. After the intensity of her emotions subsided and her tears ran out, she reconsidered. She recalled telling the Lord, “I think this is what you would like me to do – to continue to be the person I am: as a Sister.”

The greatest trial that Srs. Matthew and Eppie faced was their illness. Sr. Matthew was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while Sr. Eppie had a rare disease of the auto immune system called Myasthenia Gravis. But they were miraculously healed and survived even if after all medical intervention failed to cure them.

Their parents also encountered lots of challenges during their formation but they managed well.

Another challenge the Brasil Sisters faced was when Sr. Eppie was inspired by the Lord to “start a new branch of the Dominican family where they can be contemplative witnesses.” After almost two years of serious prayer and discernment, they were released from their former congregation and founded the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii.
Giving God the Pen
 It has been over 45 years since that first call. Sr. Matthew’s simple yes to the call of the Lord coupled with her parents’ cooperation with God’s grace became one momentous event that changed the course of their lives. The vocation story of their family is one great legacy to leave for future generations to come.

This story is first published here.


My Word of Thanks

                First, I want to thank the Holy Trinity for the graces and the blessings, that I am able to reach this stage.
                I thank Fr. Ferry for answering all my questions and confusions. Thank you so much.
                I thank my family for being here today. To my parents, thank you for giving me the gift of life. Thank you for giving me five beautiful sisters and three wonderful brothers. Thank you for the unconditional love. Thank you for always trusting me. Thank you for giving me away.
                Thanks to my visitors and guests; to my hermana in Sarong Bangi International, to my former officemates, to my lifetime friends.
                Thank you to my especial guests – Tita Cres with family and Tita Mary Ann.
                Thank you to Mama Lita – my mama here in the convent. 
                Thank you to all our staff.
                To all my sisters at the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii: Thank you for being a part of my formation. Thank you for the experiences and the lessons that I learned. Thank you for all your generosity and efforts in the preparation for today; Thank you Sr. Ding for being my first formator. I specially thank Sr. Menchie for showing me a concrete example of humility.
                Twelve months ago, I was accepted as a postulant. I was excited and quite sure that this is the life that I want. I was wrong. I was wrong to think that this is the life that I want, because the truth is, this is the life the Lord wants me to be. And, I thank Sr. Matt – my formator – for helping me realize this. Few days ago she told me, “don’t you know that you are protected by the Lord?” Looking back and pondering upon the events that happened in my life and the graces that I have received, I can say that, yes, indeed, the Lord protected me all along and saved me for Him and for His people.
                Thank you Sr. Matt for allowing me to grow. Thank you for the understanding. Thank you for just being you. Thank you for journeying with me, for feeling what I feel at every event in my life. Thank you for just being there.
                I always believe in the power of number. I believe that the Lord speaks to us through numbers. My life path number is five (5). Today, March 5, is very symbolic to me. My birthday is May 5, and that is also the foundation date of our congregation.
                Nine years ago, a brave sister founded our congregation – Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP. Thank you Sr. Eppie for starting our congregation. If you did not do it, I should not be standing here right now. Thank you for the opportunity to belong in your congregation that carries out the new expressions of Religious Consecrated Life. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for all that you did. My journey was not easy. It was challenging. Yet, it became exciting and bearable because you were there.
                Last week, a Dominican sister – Sr. Ella of Anunciata – gave Sr. Matt and me candles and fortune plants. She said, “Give these to Sr. Eppie.” I was delighted to receive those candles and plants. And now, may I give these to you? The candle symbolizes you as my guiding light. The plants symbolize my growth, and how I have grown. Sometimes, it may be slowly, but continuously. Please continue to be our light as our new congregation continues to grow until we become as the Lord has planned.
                Sometimes in January, a pilgrim visited here and the Lord made us meet. I invited her to go upstairs to visit Mama Mary. After several steps on the stairs she revealed to me that she was operated several years ago, after an accident. Her body is now supported by steel.
                I became worried and asked her if she can still go to Mama Mary. She said yes, so I just accompanied her, more gently. We were able to reach Mama Mary. Going down, she requested me to pray over for her. We were both crying as she was telling her story that manifested deep faith to the God of divine providence. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was a God experience for me. She is here now. Tita Mary Ann, you don’t know how much you gave me more reasons to stay. You don't know how much you gave me reason for being here. Thank you so much.
                As the mystery of my vocation is revealed to me everyday, and as I commit to him everyday, I know the challenges will always come. But as I continue in this journey I will hold on to his mercy and grace.
                One of our modular class teachers told us that we need a witness in this journey. And you are now my witnesses until I fulfill this journey to God.
                Thank you so much for your presence today. Please continue to pray for me.





I used to live in the jungle,
With harmony in nature.
It was easy,
just follow the law of nature 
and be one with it.

Destiny brought me to a different jungle.
With a mission
Armed by the memories of love,
Of childhood.

Maybe, that is enough
Maybe not.
Lord, I cannot do it alone...


My Journey to God

Below is my letter to Sr. Eppie, my 'Kuwentong Buhay' for our radio program Sacred Space on the air. It was aired on February 01, 2015.
Dear Sister Eppie,

Magandang gabi po sa inyo at sa lahat ng mga kapanalig na nakikinig ngayong gabi. Nagtanong po si Sr. Brenda kung puwede ko uli ibahagi ang aking kuwentong buhay ngayong gabi. Hindi po ako nagdalawang isip na pumayag kasi marami na nangyari sa loob ng mahigit isang taon na nakipamuhay ako sa inyo.  

Naibahagi ko na po dati pa kung paano ko nakilala ang Regina RICA at ngayon ay gusto ko simulan ang aking kuwento sa panahon na ako ay naging Aspirant. Napakarami po ng struggles at challenges pero ako ay nagpapasalamat dahil mas marami naman ang mga pagpapala at grasya ng panginoon. I thank the Lord that I always feel cherished and loved.

Napakarami na po ng mga nangyari at nagpapasalamat ako sa panginoon sa lahat ng mga pingdadaanan ko. Hindi ko po makakalimutan ang unang pagkakataon na nakadalaw ang aking ina sa Mother House at pagkatapos ay pinapunta mo kami sa Regina RICA at pinatigil niyo siya doon ng tatlong araw. Hindi po lingid sa inyo na tutol ang aking ina sa aking pagmamadre, noong una, kasi hindi daw po madali ang buhay na ito at isa pa ay isa ako sa mga inaasahan sa pamilya, bilang pangalawa sa siyam na magkakapatid. Noong una po makadalaw ang aking ina sa Mother House natuwa po ako na nakadama siya ng saya at kapayapaan. Sinabi niya po sa akin na “Ang saya naman dito.” Nagulat po ako na ganoon ang reaction niya kasi ng dumating siya sa Mother House ay gabi na, madilim at walang ibang tao. Alam ko po na pinaramdam sa kaniya ni Mama Mary ang saya sa kaniyang puso. Ng pumunta naman po kami sa Regina RICA ang sinabi niya ay “parang paraiso dito.” Nagpapasalamat po ako sa magandang pakikitungo sa kaniya ni Sr. Merly, at hindi niya po nakakalimutan yon. Ang higit na ikinatuwa ko po ay ng nasa Regina RICA kami na kasama kayo at pagkatapos ng morning prayer natin, sa harap ni Mama Mary at mga sisters sa RICA at kasama kayo ay sinabi niya na, “Ipinagkakatiwala ko na po sa inyo ang aking anak, alam ko na nasa mabuti siyang mga kamay.”

Sr. Eppie lagi ko din pong dalangin noon na sana haplusin din ni Mama Mary ang puso ng aking ama, na hindi pa kapanalig, na sana ay matanggap niya na din ang buhay na pinipili ko. At masayang masaya po ako na pagkalipas naman ng limang buwan ay ang aking ama naman, kasama din ang aking ina ang nakadalaw sa Regina RICA. Ako po ay talagang kinakabahan sa magiging reaction niya pag nakita niya ang malaking statue ni Mama Mary. Pero talaga pong sa pamamagitan ng intercession ni Mama Mary sinagot din ang aking mga dalangin. Pagdating po namin sa Regina RICA, ang unang unang sinabi ni Papa ay, “Gusto ko umakyat sa malaking rebulto, gusto ko siya makita.” So umakyat po kami at pumasok sa SULOD. At sumunod naman po siya sa lahat ng instruction ni Sr. Neneng simula sa pag expose ng blessed sacrament, sa adoration at sa paghalik kay baby Jesus, dahil Christmas time po noon. He also knelt down in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Pagkatapos po noon ay umattend kami ng 11 a.m. mass. Sr. Eppie first time po yoon na umattend kami ng misa na magkakasama kaming tatlo, dahil dati po ay sa ibang klase ng worsip kami magkakasama.

Hindi ko din po makakalimutan noong araw na tinanggap ninyo ako bilang Postulant. Pagkatapos po ng acceptance pumunta tayo sa Regina RICA, kasama ang family ng isa nating Mission Partner at doon po sa pamamagitan niya ay ipinarating ni Mama Mary ang kaniyang mensahe ng sinabi niya sa akin na “We need more good sisters.” Ang mensahe pong iyon ay hindi isang kautusan. But for me it was a powerful and strong message at hindi ko po kinakalimutan iyon, at nagsilbing gabay ko sa aking paglalakbay sa bagong buhay na ito.

Lagi ko din po ipinagpapasalamat ang napakaraming biyaya at pagpapala na ipinagkakaloob ng panginoon sa aking pamilya. Bago po ako pumasok bilang isang madre ay  naging pilgrim din po ako sa Regina RICA at naka attend sa mesa sa kakahuyan at doon po ay nagsulat din ako ng aking mga intensiyon. At lahat po iyon ay natupad at natutupad na. Ang mga kapatid at pinsan ko na idinalangin ko na makatapos sa  pag aaral, pumasa sa board exam at makakuha ng maayos na trabaho ay natupad na.

Sr. Eppie ng magdesisyon po ako na tuluyang pumasok bilang madre sa Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii ay isang pangarap para sa aking ama at ina ang hindi ko pa nagagawa pero alam ko po na ipagkakaloob din iyon ng panginoon sa pamamagitan na ng aking mga kapatid. Sa aking desisyon na ito po ay lagi ko silang kasama dahil naapektuhan sila ng aking pagkawala sa pamilya pero nagpapasalamat po ako na tinanggap na nila ang desisyon ko na ito.

Hindi po madali ang aking paglalakbay. Marami akong mga kakaibang karanasan sa unang pagkakataon. Marami akong nadiskubre sa aking sarili. Marami ang hindi ko naiintindihan. Lahat ay iniingatan ko sa aking puso. At maraming mga bagay ang unti unti kong naiintidihan dahil sa practice natin ng contemplative prayer. Sa tulong ng mga tao na ipinapadala ng panginoon lalong lalo na sa mga pagkakataon na maraming mga tanong sa aking isipan.

Malaking challenge po sa akin ang pakikipamuhay sa community, dahil sadyang kakaiba naman ang buhay na ito. Sa mahigit sampung taon na nagtrabaho ako sa iba’t ibang industriya sa Ortigas at Makati, I was trained to become a people person. And I thought that I am. Natutunan ko makisalamuha sa iba’t ibang klase ng tao, sa iba’t ibang antas ng buhay at edukasyon. Pero sa karanasan ko po parang nabalewala lahat iyon sa buhay ko sa loob. Dumating po sa punto na parang di ko na din kilala ang sarili ko. My virtues were tested. My worsts were being brought out, and I just let it. I naturally regress. I remember Sr. Menchie told me once, “You should put your best foot forward.” But in my mind I was saying, “I am trying to decide for a lifetime commitment and so you have to first accept and love me on my worsts. My best can always come out easily and naturally."

I thank you for sending me to modular classes. Marami po ako natutunan na nakatulong sa akin na maintindihan ang mga bagay bagay sa Religious Community Living. Ang higit po na ipinagpapasalamat ko ay ang walang katapusang pagpapala ng panginoon through the intercession of Mama Mary. Marami po miracles sa akin, lalong lalo na pag nasa Regina RICA ako. I believe it is just normal because I first felt in love with the place before I learned about your congregation. Everything is just kept in my heart. It is just between me and my God.

Sr. Eppie hindi ko madalas nasasabi sa inyo kung gaano ako nagpapasalamat na nakilala ko kayo. Hindi ko lubusang napapasalamatan ang lahat ng mga ginagawa niyo para sa akin, dahil words are not enough. Basta SALAMAT po sa lahat lahat. Lagi ko po pinagdadasal na lagi ko kayong kasama hanggang sa pinakahuling sandali ng aking paglalakbay sa panginoon. Kaya sana manatili po kayo malusog at ingatan niyo po lagi ang sarili niyo.

Hanggang ngayon hindi ko po tiyak ang kinabukasan ko sa buhay na ito. Ang alam ko lang po gusto ko maglingkod sa panginoon sa pamamagitan ng inyong congregation. Maraming pagkakataon na nararamdaman ko pa din ang mga pagdududa at insecurities. Madalas nararamdaman ko pa din ang panghihinayang sa mga pagkakataon sa magandang trabaho o negosyo sa labas at ang pagtitiwala ng mga tao na nakatrabaho ko at marami sa kanila ay gusto pa din na makasama ako. Pero I also feel the embrace of our Lady and the unending graces of the Lord.

Sa pamamagitan ng ating congregation, gusto ko makatulong magbigay ng kagalingan at inspirasyon sa maraming tao at matulungan sila magkaroon ng makabuluhang buhay.

Malapit na po magtapos ang postulancy ko. Hindi ako sigurado kung tatanggapin niyo ako sa next level. Marami pa ako dapat baguhin to become “ a good sister.” I cannot promise to change everything in a snap, it may take a lifetime. Pero anuman po ang mangyari alam ko na masaya si Lord dahil binigyan ko ng pagkakataon ang kaniyang pagtawag sa akin.

The fear of the ‘unknown’ that could await a woman who acknowledges the call of the Lord could be overwhelming. But through the intercession of our Lady Regina Rosarii, I know God’s grace would be sufficient to vanish the fear. I believe Our Lady had led me to the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii and will show me the path to holiness. God has a plan for each of us. We are called to follow Jesus. Sometimes, we do not understand or do not feel the fire for God in our hearts because we are always busy. Sometimes, we are faced with hardships and pains. But, really, the Lord, as always, has his ways to appease us. I am really grateful to all my class mentors for they served as the Lord’s instrument for my enlightenment. I appreciate your generosity for allowing me to attend all the classes.

Serving the Lord does not need logic and so much thinking. It is just felt in the heart. And when we feel the seed that the God has planted in our hearts, we can only ask Him for the gift of increased zeal to follow Him and to love Him.
 Lubos na Gumagalang,

Irene V. Rafer
Candidate for Novitiate
Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii


Thanks be to to God! My formator - Sr. Matt - said on the air that I am now accepted to the next level - the Novitiate. I thank her for all her sacrifices for me. I thank her for all the patience and for all the understanding, for letting me grow.

I thank everyone who is a part of my formation:

I thank my lifetime friends for the gift of genuine friendship. 

I thank my family for being the 'wind beneath my wings.'

I thank our lay partners who became my prayer warriors. I also thank my prayer warriors at prayerwarrior.com for unceasingly praying for me.

I thank Mama Lita, Ate Violy, Ate Imelda, Jam, Atong, Kuya Molong, Rally and Kuya Isot.

I thank all my sisters for all the experiences, and the lessons I learned. I thank them for being a significant part of my formation.

I especially thank Sr. Eppie - our Superior General and the Founder of our congregation - for all the goodness and for showing me how it is to be a "good sister."



The Cry, The Call, The Channel

I can still feel the God - energy.
It was, indeed, an experience of a lifetime. It was a dejavu of how I felt and reacted when I first met her. I witnessed how my co-postulants were moved. They were moved by the presence, charm and affection of the founder of my congregation – Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP – who was the speaker to our modular class Creative Approaches to Prayer on January 26 to 27, 2015.
In my 18 months in the congregation, I can say I am blest to witness how Sr. Eppie prays creatively and unceasingly with so much trust and faith to the Lord of divine providence. Most of her prayers and hearts desires are now tangible.
She said, “We need to pray ALL ways and ALWAYS in gratitude for the many gifts we have received in life.” Praying ALL WAYS “helps us to shake up and reinvigorate our prayer lives.” Praying ALL WAYS is praying creatively using our body and our senses. Praying creatively is adding spices to our prayers, so that we will not go weary in praying; so that our relationship with our God is deepen.
Sr. Eppie creates short sacred songs to praise God. 
When one of our members was sick and in great pain she composed, “My Lord, I offer all my pains to you. Please help me heal because I love you so.” That gave our member comfort and assurance of love from our God.
I believe that like our biological father who is delighted when he sees us dances, sings or performs the God the Father is also delighted in us when we put creativity in our prayers. And like our biological father who cannot turn down his child’s request when he is delighted, our Father of all creation will also be generous in giving us favors for all our pleads. And really, the Lord delights in us, more especially when we pray creatively.   
Our prayer is a relationship to our god. Our prayer is our communication to our God. And to strengthen the relationship, communication should be open and constant.
My every breath and heart beat are my prayers. I practiced simple and brief prayers. Most of the times it is direct and most of the times it is answered. Likewise, my every action is my prayer. My good deeds are my prayer of thanksgiving for all the favors that I have received. The not so good is my prayer for help to change as I am always confident that He understands me in all my weaknesses.
Sr. Eppie emphasizes the importance of the prayer of silence, the prayer of the heart to hear the messages of our God, to heal, to gain enlightenment. In my stay in my congregation contemplative prayer helped me gain inner strength and acknowledge the graces and the blessings of the Lord. It helped me to be open and embrace the new way of being.
We celebrated the highest form of prayer, the Holy Mass, as our culminating activity for our modular class Creative Approaches to Prayer. There, we were given the opportunity to show our creativity.
My group was tasked to do the entrance song. We were ten in the group, from three nationalities. Six are foreigners. Only four are Filipina. Limitations on time and language were a challenge. But it was amazing how we were able to perform and interpret the song Sing to the Mountain creatively. I firmly believe the Lord delighted in us in that creative way of singing our entrance song.
I can still feel the magic and the admiration experienced by my co postulants as they were enchanted by the presence, aura and wit of my Superior General. I can still feel the God – energy that moved them and me. I’m sure a piece of her has inspired and enlightened every postulant to hold on and to be brave enough to commit to our YES the first time we answered the call – because as she said, “someone out there cried” or prayed, that’s why we are called to response to that cry. Someone out there prayed creatively and the Lord delighted and touched and He called us to become His channel in this world to answer someone’s prayer.


Celebrating Marriage


Thank you for getting married and for giving us the opportunity to experience life.
Thank you for giving me five beautiful sisters and three wonderful brothers.
Thank you for staying with each other through thick and thin.
Thank you for the unconditional love.
Thank you for always making me feel safe and secure.
Thank you for the loving discipline.
Thank you for letting me and my siblings grow the way we should.
Thank you for the beautiful memories.
Thank you for the nights of story telling.
Thank you for the long hours of sharing about love, life and all life's concerns.
Thank you for answering all my questions, about life, and everything.
Thank you for always standing by me through good times and bad times.
Thank you for making me feel respected and cherished.
Thank you for loving the nine of us, equally.
Thank you for sincerely wishing us well, always.
Thank you for always encouraging us to achieve milestones in life.
Thank you for always believing in us.
Thank you for always trusting us.
Thank you for the assurance that when all else fail, in my journeys, I can always go back to you.
Thank you for all the sacrifices.
Thank you for giving me away.

I will always treasure how...
Your togetherness in good and bad times has taught us teamwork.
Your tolerance for each other’s habits has taught us patience.
Your support during each other’s crises has taught us solidarity.
Your lives as our parents have taught us how to live.
I pray that you will be blessed with more beautiful life and friendship together.



Colors of Abundance


is  kissing RICA.
At El Shaddai Hills,
the breast of God.

In arc form,
it's enveloping
the sacred ground,
as if protecting a Kingdom.

Thank you my Lord,
for the opportunity 
to see the RAINBOW.
Everyday at RICA.