Doing Simple Things for the Planet

“Wastes segregation begins at home.”

Practicing proper waste segregation reduced our household waste to 20% - the rest being recycled.

Metro Manila disposes tons of garbage everyday and time will come that its landfills can no longer accommodate all its wastes.

Our household trash is ordinarily composed of old news papers and scrap papers; cartoons and card boards; plastic bottles and plastic scraps; Styrofoam and the inedible parts of fruits and vegetables that we consume. Instead that those trashes end up to the garbage collectors we managed to segregate and recycle. We piled the scrap papers and card boards in a big cartoon then we allocated a separate sack for our plastic bottles and plastic scraps. Our lifestyle here sometimes demands for the consumption of plastic bottled drinks. Nevertheless, we are trying to be responsible consumer by properly disposing our plastic trash.

I persuaded my siblings to put our biodegradable trash in a used plastic container. Some of it is now completely decomposed and I am planning to use it as an organic fertilizer. We are going to plant our vegetable here in the city. I believe it is possible though we have a limited space in our house. I can utilize our used plastic containers as pots.

Talk of doing simple things for the planet, huh.

Trash to Cash

Last month, my sister Inkgs sold our accumulated non-biodegradable, recyclable household trashes. She just turned our trash into cash.

SM Supermalls have launched their Trash to Cash Recycling Market every first Friday and Saturday of the month. They buy scrap papers and card boards; empty ink and toner cartridges; plastic bottles and plastic scraps; used lead batteries (for cars, UPS/Voltage Regulators); Aluminum; tin cans; busted rechargeable lamps; polystyrene; Styrofoam; junk cell phones and cell phone batteries (not for buying/recycling).

Even big businesses are exerting efforts to save this planet.

Possibly, we can change from being a “throw-away society” to a saving, protecting, and caring society by simply being responsible to our trash.


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Disclosure: This article was one of the entries to 2009 Philippine Blog Awards and is also posted at AsiaIsGreen and has inspired many to do simple things for the planet

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