Taking Shape

"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God." - Hebrews 3: 4 -

     When was the last time you have visited Regina RICA? Last Week? Last month? Last Year? Today, for sure you will find another structure built or another stone added to the shape. Yes, Regina RICA is continuously taking shape as the days go by.
     The development of Regina RICA started in 2009. From a typical mountain with cogon grass, mahogany trees and muddy soil, it is now a sacred pilgrimage complex visited by million of pilgrims in the past eight years. Much of its development is witnessed by the people, especially those who are frequently visiting the place.
     The 71-foot statue of Our Lady Regina Rosarii on top of the Hill is the very first structure that took shape in the sacred place. It is followed by the artistically designed modern Chapel on the Hill. As the growing number of pilgrims are gathering in the place, to pay a visit to Our Lady, the need for other facilities were seen. Creation of a labyrinth maze, clean rest rooms, restaurant, water refilling station, souvenir shops, retreat houses, gazebos, safe and spacious parking areas, sisters' convents, organic herbs and vegetable gardens, animal pens, new ROSA and ROCA houses, St. Patrick's Place, and Bakery and Administrative Services (BASE) offices continue to unfold.
     This year, the construction of the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia is also at its peak. The putting up of the institute is the main reason for founding Regina RICA as it is called now, so that we can teach people how to live the contemplative way of life. As it is, we give everyone the opportunity to help us in the face lifting of Regina RICA. You will have the chance to be blest  more abundantly by sharing your time, talents, treasures and testimonies. We give you the chance to be God's channel of His love and mercy. We give you the chance to be our mission partner and God's helper in proclaiming the reign of God.
     Every Sunday at Regina RICA more than 70% of pilgrims are new comers. This is a manifestation that many people are seeking for a place like Regina RICA, where they can experience silence, solitude, serenity, stillness and the Love of God.
     Remember your first visit at Regina RICA, and you will realize that every visit is just like the first time. Because, there is something new every time. Because, God is the builder of this place.
     Together, let us create the shape of Regina RICA.

This Editorial is published on the March 2017 issue of the Sacred Space Newsletter, the Official Newsletter of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii.

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