Holy Week Vacation: You Can Do Simple Things for Boracay

Hello readers!

We have a long holy week vacation. Most of us are going to the provinces to relax and rejuvenate.And as always, Boracay remains the number one tourist destination in the country.

Greenpeace Southeast Asia started - last June 19, 2008 - the "Save the Climate, Save Boracay Project." It is part of GPSEA's Climate and Energy Campaign.The project "aims to enlist Boracay resorts and tourists to decrease their carbon footprint and promote awareness about climate change and the solutions that can be implemented by the tourism industry. The objective is to transform Boracay into a climate-friendly destination through the implementation of energy-efficiency measures, zero waste management, and responsible tourism."

I want to share to you Greenpeace Southeast Asia's simple things that we can do as responsible tourists of Boracay or any destination in the country:

1. Unplug appliances at home: Save energy by switching off and unplugging all electrical appliances you before you leave your home.

2. Reduce waste: bring your own bag when you go out, say no to plastic – straws, bags and sachets.

3. Bottle your own water. Bring your own refillable container instead of buying plastic bottles that will go straight to a landfill when you're finished.

4. No natural souvenirs: Do not disturb the natural ecosystem by bringing home sand, rocks or shells for decoration.

5. Be green even if the hotel isn’t - Turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room.

Happy Green Vacation Guys!

You can see some GPSEA's work in Boracay here.

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