Holy Week Reflections and the True Lasting Investments

During the Holy Week I was able to reflect on the different form of investments that also matter and can last a lifetime and even beyond, with great returns.

Apparently, we are in a hard and uncertain time. Many companies are closing down and thousand of people are receiving pink slip. Even the once stable companies are threatened to collapse as earnings continue to suffer.

In this hard time, people are looking for income-generating projects, rewarding investments, or additional jobs. In my case, I joined direct selling or networking and multi level marketing organizations. I also joined Real Estate Company as a part time agent. More importantly, I continue investing in my financial literacy.

In this difficult time, too, we need to look upon the most important investments that we must have.

People are now seeking for the answer on how to have a worry-free future, on how to have “financial peace of mind”, or how to survive a financial crisis.

I believe everything is possible with the Lord’s guidance. So, why not we invest in our relationship to God? When we "seek God first, everything will just follow." Our investment to God will surely give eternal returns to us.

It was observed that more people were going to church during the Holy Week. A priest commented that in this hard and uncertain time "more people are asking for guidance from the Lord."

No doubt, prayer is so powerful; it can stand any recession or the harshest economic storm.

Indeed, we cannot get along without God. William James – the father of modern psychology once said that, “We and God have business in each other. Faith is one of the forces by which we live and the total absence of it means collapse.”

Dr. Alexis Carrel – a physician and author of Man, the Unknown said, “Prayer is the most powerful form of energy one can generate. It is a force as real as terrestrial gravity. Prayer like radium is a source of luminous, self-generating energy. In prayer, human beings seek to augment their finite energy. When we pray, we link ourselves with the inexhaustible motion power that spins the universe. We pray that a part of this power be apportioned to our needs. Even in asking, our human deficiencies are filled and we arise strengthened and repaired. Whenever we address God in fervent prayer, we change both soul and body for the better. It could not happen that any man or woman could pray for a single moment without a result.”

The Lord already gave us his Son to save us. Clearly, suffering is not for us anymore. So, when the tough time comes and our resources are near exhausting we can turn to God and we will surely not feel alone and we will achieve a lifetime abundance here and eternal reward in heaven.

Our families are our best allies, no matter what. It is important that we also invest in our families - whether it is our time, money, lending ears, our moral support or just our mere presence in one of our family member’s lowliest time.

Every one of us can be a source of light, inspiration, strength and hope for our family. It is quite magical, but my siblings, my parents, my relatives, and, even my one-year old nephew has the power to give me constant, unending inspiration to achieve more goals.

Investment in our family relationship is truly rewarding and lasting. After all, when all else fail; our family will always be there for us – especially if we established solid relationships. And, I do not only mean biological family here. Our family can actually extend to our in laws, the in laws of our siblings or the cousins of our cousins.

Most of the times, simple comments from the people in our everyday living are more meaningful than the periodical rewards and recognitions, for it stay in the heart. Likewise, simple thank you when you gave just a word of advice and encouragement to a confused fellow is divine as it reaches the soul.

Another important, lasting investment is our relationship to our friends, co-workers and children.

We can establish great friendship with several people from all walks of life, gender, socio economic status, educational attainment, religious beliefs and principles. Anyway, in time of difficult period demographics is not important anymore as real friends will not disappoint us.

I was once at life’s receiving end and I counted so much to some great friends who did not leave me in my most trying time. Even a simple pat on the back or simple words “you can” became powerful and gave me a glitter of hope.

I am sure all of us have someone whom we consider great friend. The secret to having a great friend is being that great friend first.

We should also invest in our relationship with our co-workers. We spend eight hours or more with them almost everyday so it is just right that we establish a harmonious relationship with them to make our works easy. The key word here is Respect. We should have and give it. We have to acknowledge individual differences. A former boss once taught me “different folk, different talk.” I have already proven it to be true. We cannot give the same treatment to different people. Most of the times, we have to adjust to the personalities of our co-workers, superiors or subordinates, while also making them understand our own personality and differences.

Several years ago, I was silently overjoyed when I received an unexpected comment from a subordinate. She said, “ginusto ko talaga makasama ka sa project kasi gusto ko malaman kung bakit ganon na lang kalaki ang respeto ng mga supervisors at katrabaho natin sa’yo.”

Most of the times, simple comments from the people in our everyday living are more meaningful than the periodical rewards and recognitions, for it stay in the heart. Likewise, simple thank you when you gave just a word of advice and encouragement to a confused fellow is divine as it reaches the soul.

Lastly, I think the most important form of investment is in the life of a child – whether it is your own child, your nieces and nephews, your inaanaks, or every child you meet. Every child in our life will bear witness to our existence. They may even continue to carry our legacies.

Many years ago, I read this beautiful message written by an anonymous writer. The writer said, “Fifty years from now it will not matter what kind of car you drove, what kind of house you have lived in, how much you have in your bank account, or what your clothes look like, but the world maybe a little better because you were important in the life of a child.”

I celebrated the Easter Sunday with Eduard Thomas – my one year old nephew – my siblings, cousin, and my sister’s in laws at Pasig Rainforest Park and Resort. It was a great time to connect and reconnect.

The Lord Jesus has risen and blessed us. May we now be a blessing to others. Let us give freely to gain even more – in whatever form it may be.



P're said...

Great. Really Great! You really have so much love to give to your family and friends. I admire your will...your guts...your independence. I know you're still enjoying your precious liberty. But, don't you think it is about time also that you consider investing in a romantic relationship? That could be lasting also...

ai said...

Sometimes, we have to avoid risky investment, especially if we cannot diversify to minimize the risk.

Anonymous said...

nice share, good article, very usefull for me...thanks

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