Earth Hour: The Philippines Ranked as This Year's Number One

The country ranked as number one in this year’s Earth Hour with 647 cities and municipalities participating in the event.Greece was the second with 484 cities and municipalities.

I was at the Mall of Asia last night waiting for a friend who was also my buyer of the book 12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income. I waited for him for more than an hour. I was at the mall waiting until past 8:00 so I observed the Earth Hour there. The mall closed more than 50 percent of its lighting. All the street lights in the vicinity were closed.

GMA News Report of Earth Hour in the Philippines
A friend from Bicol who is a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) member called when it was 8:30. We were talking about the event, sharing the happenings in Naga City and in Manila for half an hour.
You tube video of Earht Hour in Manila

My friend who bought the book arrived few minutes before 9:00.

Then the Earth Hour was over.

Metro Manila was alive again.

Historical Video of Global Earth Hour.

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