Ang Sarap Yumaman

Our Tommy with Dad and Mom

Nothing compares to the inspiration brought about by a newborn child!

It was a stormy night of August 7, 2007 when my sister gave birth to her eldest son -Eduard Thomas Auxillo - after a long, painful labor.

Yes, we have another boy in the family.

I was not able to go to the hospital because of the bad weather plus I was also nervous and worried. I just kept on praying for her safe delivery. My sister Helen also kept on texting Boboy – our brother in law – to get updates. Finally, it was through. My sister and nephew were safe and healthy.

I knew, in our hearts, we all rejoiced for this new gift of life.

I am equally excited just like the first time that we have Ivan Dayle Rafer – Ronalds’s eldest; and during the time that we have Renze Miguel Genelago – ate Arlene’s eldest.

On August 19, Nanay, my brother Salvador Jr. and me – with my gift for the baby – were headed to Sumilang Pasig City to visit my sister’s newborn child. My siblings Helen, Ramil and Racquel with our cousins John Harold and Mylene already visited him the previous Sunday.

Gigi and Boboy were extremely happy for their child. It was wonderful to see my sister breastfeeding her child or Boboy changing his son’s diaper.

My nephew was only 11 days when we visited him but he can already move his head and look for me when I called him Tommy!

Suddenly, while holding my nephew’s little, fragile hands I thought, “ang sarap yumaman.”

Our clan is thriving. “Ang sarap yumaman kasi I want to give more to the people I love.

I am seriously thinking now of Financial Abundance.

Thanks heavens I was able to secure a reservation to Bo Sanchez’s Eight Secrets of the Truly Rich Seminar on September 1, 2007. :)

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