I am Blessed, I can be rich!!

I am blessed to finally meet him!

I finally meet Bro. Bo Sanchez on his "How to be Truly Rich Seminar" at AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo last September 1, 2007.

Bo Sanchez is the best-selling author of nine books and the publisher of Kerygma. He is a prolific writer and an excellent speaker. He is also one of the living examples of a truly rich man. He already influenced me through his writings. Yet, seeing him physically is really awesome, amazing, and almost magical!

He entered the seminar room carrying that greatly astonishing personality, with a very positive aura and overflowing self-confidence and love to the people. No wonder he can able to inspire million around the world.

He talked about his personal experiences. He talked about how to become truly rich, revealing the eight secrets he, himself, practiced.

Bro Bo unlocked the secrets on how to be truly rich

He talked excellently, combining good humor with his wit and true to life experiences.

That was the most direct and practical seminar I have ever attended. Bro. Bo revealed that everyone in this country could be a millionaire. The key is to learn how money works. And learn how to control money by love.

From my cash flow 49.55% of my net earnings already goes to my family centered educational program. This includes tuition fees, allowances, school uniforms, school supplies and textbooks. The rest go to foods, bills, mobilization, house rentals, toiletries, vitamins and medicines, Internet, clothing, environmental cause, books and other expenses in the family.

As you can see, all that I mentioned here are all expenses. My savings is too little, almost close to nothing. In fact, sometimes, expenses are more than earnings.

For the past three years, my annual gross income increased by almost forty percent each year. But, still, I hardly can save. Yes, I have this family centered educational program. For now, I have one full time scholar plus I am also helping another two in my own little ways. And, I am dreaming of an expansion.

Nevertheless, I still have to save for my retirement fund. So, I have to increase my income. I have to attract more money so that I can expand my educational program while also enjoying life. I want to earn more so that I can help and love more.

Bro. Bo clearly taught us how.

As a start, I already enlarged my psychological wallet. I am already investing on seminars about money, financial consultation and financial management books.

Sooner, I know, I will take the seat of an investor or a trader or a businesswoman. I know the time will come that I can write novels fulltime without worrying about my finances. Exciting!!!

So, I claim, I am now a millionaire. . . in the making. :)
Bro. Bo signed books before his talk

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