Ficus Pumela

It looks like a plastic plant!

It was displayed in one of the booths in the Agraryo Trade Fair at the SM Megamall last last weeek. Its tiny leaves with white dots on the edge, and looked like plastic, caught my attention.

I asked the exhibitor if it is plastic. She said it is real. I was tempted to touch it. It is really a real living plant.

I cannot afford to leave that booth without that plant. So I bought it (on impulse) even if it costed a little too much, ugh!

I asked the exhibitor for its name. She said "f-i-c-u-s p-u-m-e-l-a ma'am."

I am happy to see it every morning growing and thriving.

My ficus pumela.

My new collection.

A real plant that looks like plastic

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