Of Mercy and Compassion

(This article is first published at Sacred Space - the official newsletter of the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii)

"Reared by injustice
with poverty to eat
a home on the sidewalk
a world on the street."

You can see them almost everywhere: outside the fast food restaurants; outside churches; in the parking  areas; outside big villages of the affluent - almost everywhere. We, the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii have a special mission for them. We call them our K-Friends. They are the homeless families who live in the Kalye (streets) and sleep in Karton (card boards). The Kariton  (pushcart) is their means of livelihood.

Jamie Rivera's newest song 'We Are All God's Children' clearly expresses their circumstances and the mission that is waiting for us.

Do you see these children on the streets?
Have you walked the pavement where they sleep?
Do you feel their hands when you give them alms?
Do you ever give them bread to eat?

 We meet these children in our convent on Tuesdays. Gosh, these children deserve a more decent life than this!

We are all God's children, we are all the same.
He is calling us by name to help the poor and lame,
and learn what life is really for.
It's to know and love and serve the Lord.

Sr. Matt calls them 'Jesus' . Yes, maybe they are Jesus in disguise. Why does serving them gives meaning to my stay in the convent?

"He is calling us by name to serve the poor and lame." For me,I believe HE did not just called me. He waited for me and is now fighting for me to fulfill my destiny.

Every Tuesday, I'm happy to feed them. I am delighted to see their smiles full of joy. I am overwhelmed by their sincere gratitude.

I am amazed to see them with their spine straight; their feet flat on the ground, one foot apart; and their hands in 'mudra' position. Yes, I am teaching them contemplative prayer, and I am glad that they obey.

Stand together and let's do our part.
Hear their voices and mend their broken hearts.
Choose to be brave and fight for their rights.
Give them back their honor and their pride.

For now, I can only listen to their small voices. For now, I can only hug and kiss them to mend their broken hearts. But I believe that one day, support and assistance will mushroom. I believe that one day, the floodgates of charity and compassion  will flow for them. We need to help them help themselves so that one day, they can also help others.

The song 'We Are All God's Children' - by Jamie Rivera - is the official theme song of the papal visit in the Philippines in January 2015.

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