Give Me Away

Some people just cannot give me away.

My eldest sister and my mother said I can still serve the Lord even I am outside.

My former boss said the same.

My friends told me to think about it deeply.

But the decision is made.

Thank you for the Love and concerns.

Rest assured that I made the best decision.

I read the text below somewhere, years ago. I made some revision though.

To all who can't just give me away, this is for you.

When I leave, give what is left of me to children.
If you need to cry, cry for your brothers walking beside you.
Put your arms around anyone and give them what you need to give to me.
I want to leave you with something, something better with words or sounds.

Look for me in the people I have known and loved.
And if you cannot live without me, then let me live on in your eyes,
your mind and your act of kindness.
You can love me most by letting hands touch hands and
letting go of children that need to be free.

Love does not fail, people do. . .
So when all that is left of me is Love. . .
Give me away.


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