Spying is Not Yet Over

"I want to be with the young ones," that is one of the messages of Nuffnang Philippines President, in his speech last night before nuffnang bloggers spy over Burn After Reading at Robinsons Movieworld Cinema 6.

A movie premier is just one of the events of Nuffnang Philippines for its bloggers.

I was more excited to meet face to face the 70 lucky nuffies - among the 1,800 (and still growing) registered nuffnang bloggers.

Nuffnang Philippines is the first blog advertising community in the country and the largest blog advertising network in Asia. It just started its operation here last August (I signed up late in September). And, it "doesn't want to stop right there" as it recently launched Nuffnang Australia

Going back to the movie premier, it was really fun and awesome to learn that most of the nuffnang bloggers are young professionals, students and young at hearts.

Excitements grew when Nuffnang announced the lucky bloggers who were going to receive gift checks.

The night was really full of fun, excitement, and laughters. I was able to relax, laugh and forget my workloads and deadlines for a while.

So, readers Hurry Up! Spying continues in Cinemas.

Photo Courtesy: Eric Fernandez


edzhstar said...

buti kapa nakaattend


Anonymous said...

join Nuffnang Philippines Group on Friendster

here is the Direct Link


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