Melamine: Still Contaminating the Food Chain?

Melamine has been in the news few months ago. The issue has naturally subsided maybe because there is actually no reported casualties here in the Philippines.

Yesterday, I saw a sidewalk vendor in Guadalupe, Makati selling a 'branded' milk at P100.00 per 180 grams (box), buy one take one. I remembered that branded milk was among the brands of milk reported contaminated with melamine and recalled at Supermarkets at the heights of melamine issue. I remembered also that branded milk, now being sold in the sidewalk, costs more or less P200.00 in Supermarkets before the melamine issue.

I asked the vendor why they sell the said brand of milk at P180.00 per 180 grams, buy one take one. She said, "kasi ho magpapalit na sila ng packaging at mag eexpire na itong product sa February kaya ibenebenta namin ng mas mura (because the manufacturer will change the packaging of this product and this product will expire in February that's why we sell it now at a low price.)"

Huh? Well, I haven't heard this kind of thing before the melamine issue. Likewise, I don't remeber that brand of milk being sold in the sidewalk before.

As we already know, melamine is used in manufacturing plastics, adhesives, counter tops, dishwares, white boards, and even fertilizers.

Greedy manufacturers illegally added it to food -especially milk to make it appear high quality and pass the protien content test.

It was said that melamine is harmful only to babies. The harm caused is related to the weight so it is less harmful to older children and adults, according to the reports.

Well, I think we are the only one responsible to our bodies. It is our respon sibility to check what we intake.

I believe that the continous accumulation of melamine into our bodies can cause its breakdown when we can no longer handle all the toxins.

I am wondering why and how a branded milk can be sold in the sidewalk at a giveaway price. What I know is, it is our responsibility to protect our body and save our life.

I don't know about you, but I cannot afford a health disaster.

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