Third Green Cafe

I decided not to join our company outing so that I can attend the Greenpeace third Green Café and tour the Greenpeace’s most famous campaigning ship – the Rainbow Warrior.

The ship is in the country for a month-long visit for the Quit Coal Ship Tour of Asia and the Pacific carrying “the message of urgency of climate change solutions.”

I am thankful that it was rescheduled on Sunday because I got the chance to bring my siblings and cousin. It is a rare opportunity to be with my family for almost a day, especially with an activity concerning the environment.

Greenpeace Could be a Family Tradition

The Green Café

The day started with a Green Café at the Philippine Port Authority (PPA) Gym. The ship’s captain – Mike Fincken – shared his challenging, exciting, touching and inspiring stories from his 12 years as a captain of the ship. This Rainbow Warrior is the second to carry the famous name. The first one "sunk in New Zealand after the French secret service put two bombs on the ship."

Capt. Fincken said that the ship got its name from a North American Indian prophecy that human greed will someday make the planet sick, and warriors will descend from the rainbow to save it.

A co-supporter asked him “what is the most difficult part of being a captain” in a ship which is carrying serious and critical campaigns against environmental crimes – mostly living in the seas.

His answer moved me. He said that life in the ship is mostly hard and difficult but he just does everything with love and he believes in miracles. True enough, I can see in his eyes the burning passion and love for the planet while he was sharing to us his experiences in the long history of the ship’s campaign for the environment. It may be difficult and dangerous most of the times yet when all else fail he can always hold on to miracles. That’s how he survived the seas. That’s how the ship won the battles and campaigns against environmental crimes.

The Ship Tour

I cannot wait to see and tour the famous rainbow Warrior. The Greenpeace Electric Jeepney boarded the supporters and visitors from PPA Gym to Manila South Harbor where the ship was humbly docked.

I almost cannot believe that I was already on the ship’s deck. The ship has been a symbol of hope for the planet and to million of people all over the world. Our guide explained first the proper and safe way of descending on the ship’s stairs. Then he guided us to the different parts of the ship while explaining everything and trying to answer all our questions.

On the ship’s bow I met Dave the Dolphin. It’s a wood carved dolphin which is a gift from a Greenpeace supporter.

We only stayed in the ship in more or less than 30 minutes to give way to other visitors. More or less 500 people toured the ship.

After the ship tour, participants enjoyed various activities, such as exhibits, forums, kids’ activities, and the now becoming famous solar brewed coffee.

The ship is in Ilo Ilo right now, joining the Greenpeace Climate Defenders in making a stand against the proposed coal-fired power plant to be built in IloIlo City.

I know my siblings and cousin enjoyed the ship tour, the solar coffee, and our rare bonding moment. It was a great time for me to make them understand Greenpeace core values and campaigns. I conclude it was also a great family affair.

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