A Halt

Today, I go to the office too early than usual. Our office is crowded most of the times. It is unusual for me to see the CATI’s cubicles empty. Supervisors and GL’s are not yet around. Only the tables in the editing department are occupied.

I go to my table to make the control of the projects I handle. It is, really, too quiet without the crowd. I have the luxury to savor the calmness of the situation. I feel relax.

I was too exhausted for the past few weeks attending to work and family matters and activities.

I go near the window. I am not in a hurry. I have to relax a bit. I still have an hour before this office become busy. I still have time to write this piece.

I love to stay near our office window overseeing the Ortigas skyline, the nearby buildings and the view outside. I love high, open places. It calms me. When I feel distracted, exhausted and burned out and I wanted to go far but I cannot, I can always go high.

The tall buildings nearby still hide the sunshine. I feel the faint morning breeze just by looking outside.

My gaze goes to the swimming pool on the rooftop of the lower building opposite our edifice. Sometimes, I enjoy watching the occupants of that building swimming in that swimming pool. Today, it is empty and calm and blue.

The view from our office window

I picture a bit of time off, where I could lounge there and read my favorite John Grisham novel, while sipping a drink with a paper umbrella stuck in a piece of fruit.

I stay near the window few minutes more until Carlito greets me “Irene, napakaaga mo.” I just said, “Oh, hi, good morning.” with a smile.

I go to my table to finish my work. The people are now coming.

I know it is going to be a big day, again. But I already take a halt.

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