Holy Week and Thankful Reflections

This year I felt blessed because the Holy Week falls on the first week of April. My project for the second quarter will start after the Holy week. I have a week-long vacation. I was thinking on how should I spend this week-long vacation.

First, I planned to go home - in the province – to be with my family. A month ago, a female friend asked me for a reunion. I asked her if she could go with me in Tagaytay this Holy Week so that we could see each other. I was also planning to go there, alone or with someone. But she said that she already reserved the Holy Week to see her family in the province. So I just decided to re schedule our meeting. Hopefully, I am free on my birthday.

My Tita, cousin and two brothers spent the Holy Week in the province. I already decided to stay here in Manila, even I have a weeklong vacation, and even I cannot meet my friend because she’s going home. I also forgot my planned sojourn to Tagaytay. So much traffic was really a hassle. I decided to reserve the whole Holy Week for myself in Manila.

No, I was not totally alone because my sister Helen also stayed. Nevertheless, I was able to have more space for myself.

On Holy Monday and Tuesday, I still went to the office for the reports and briefing of new project for the second quarter.

Gigi and my brother in law Boboy stayed with us on Holy Wednesday and Thursday. Boboy cooked our meals for two days. A good bonding moment. On Good Friday until the Black Saturday, it was only Helen and I.

I did a little fasting. Only a little because I still ate vegetables and fruits. I talked a little. I really wanted to be with myself. I wanted to hear myself. I think we, all, should in order to have a balance. Quiet moments with ourselves enable us to know ourselves more. It enables us to know the purpose of our existence.

Along with my thoughts, I reflected in Jesus’ life and death. There is no doubt HE is the greatest man who ever lived on earth. His death more than 2,000 years ago is still remembered. He greatly affected our lives. For me he’s my ultimate inspiration, confidant, listener, best friend, parent, brother, shield, doctor and source of strength.

Jesus lived on earth with a definite purpose of serving us. Before the Lord put his spirit in Mary’s womb, HE already knew that HIS purpose is to redeem the world. That’s why HE graciously accepted HIS death.

Death is a challenge. It is just another adventure. And it is more exciting to go into this adventure if we already know the definite purpose of our existence here.

I also have the Holy Week thanking Jesus for the gift of salvation. I thanked HIM for the gift of love I already enjoyed her and now. I thanked HIM for all the blessings my family and I received.

I thanked HIM for the continuous gift of life as two angels are coming, again, in my family soon. I am excited, like the first time, to see the babies of my two pregnant sisters.

I thanked HIM for blessing and protecting my brother abroad and his family in Mindanao.

I thanked HIM for giving us my nephews and nieces who are sources of constant joy in the family.

I thanked HIM for my siblings and family who continuously give me reasons to live.

I thanked HIM for my parents for being an instrument so that I can able to see this beautiful exciting world.

I thanked HIM for my friends who made me feel HIS love and care for me.

I thanked HIM for my grandmother who gave me so much love.

I thanked HIM for letting my cousins and sister John Harold, Jose Angelo and Ingkay passed their college entrance exams.

I thanked HIM for giving me my job that enables me to provide for myself and make a little investment to the life of others.

The Lord Jesus is really great. He surely knows what is right for everyone of us. May we feel in our hearts the gratitude to HIM.

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Catleya said...

Irene Rafer, nung college naalala ko sya sumali sa Debate ang galeng panalo sila...her team were said to be THE BEST RESEARCHERS! Keep up and God Bless! You're blog had inspired me. Regards!

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