I Long For You

Why is it
That when I'm down and weak
I turn away from you?
In my greatest time of need,
I run away

Amidst my struggle
I could hear you saying
"Take my hand"
But I wouldn't
I just wouldn't
Why don't I long for you
O, Jesus

To meet my needs
To hold my hands?
Why do I search in the wrong places
For comfort and strength?

When I can get it from your embrace?
O, I long
To have a longing for you
O, teach me
To long for only You.

And at the end of my strength
When I have no more dreams
When I've given up hope
And have given in
To fear and despair

You would come and pick me up
You would hold me close to your heart
And tell me,"My child I Love You and I long for you.
Why don't you long for me too."

Grace Gaston - Dousel

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