They Need to be Empowered

It's Tuesday again.

Tuesday is the day we dedicate to our K-Friends. K stands for Kariton (Push Cart), Karton and Kalye (street). K-Friends are those families living in the streets and Pushcarts. 

I am assigned to the children of our K-Friends. And, today's experience with these children intensified my intention for their empowerment and improvement.

I  am aware of the poverty incident in our country but my actual experience with them - learning their stories - made me realize how poor they are. Literally, They are the poorest of the poor.

I started every session talking with them, hugging them so that, somehow, they may feel great.

Listening to what they have to say has opened my eyes to start a cause for them. I do not know how to properly respond yet. What I am sure of is I need to do something for them as no child should live the way these kids live.

I strongly believe there are a lot of people out there who are also willing to support these children and help them move on to a brighter future. They need to be educated. They need to be fed properly.

Looking at the way the children have enjoyed themselves, no one would think that they are living in the streets and in pushcarts as their smiles bring the promise of hope.

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