Why did SHE ever Kept All Things in Her Heart?

Fresh from the seminar, Contemplative Experience of Mary (She kept all things in her heart), held at Regina Rica, Tanay, Rizal last August 16, 17 and 18, the resounding question in my mind is why did she ever keep all things in her heart?

The angel – Gabriel – Annunciation that Mary will conceive the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the holy spirit was a privelege information. In her time, people were waiting for the coming of the messiah. And not everyone were happy that HE will come. There were enemies. 

The life story of the Lord here on earth was full of betrayal and rejections. Only a mother with a big and strong heart can withstand all the great joys, surprises, excitement , sorrows, pains and sufferings that she had witnessed while growing his Son – our Lord – and until HE was sentenced to death.

This subject matter continues to interest me. I am inspired to research more about the life of our Lady so that I can fully understand why did She ever kept all things in her heart.

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