Treasured Moment: Evangelizing Our K-Friends' Children

I see hope in their eyes.
My heart melts with their genuine smiles,
amidst their situation.
In them may be a future priest, or nun, or doctor, 
or lawyer, or engineer.

We, all, can touch their lives.
We, all, can help bring out the best in them.
We, all, can help turn them into a gem.
We, all, can make them feel that they are also children of God.

Since the very first time I met them, I always look forward now to Tuesdays. Tuesday is the day we dedicate to our K-Friends. K-Friends are those families living in push carts.

I know they are also looking forward to Tuesdays to, at least, experience God as we evangelized them, teach them the contemplative prayer, feed them and check their health.

At first something in my mind was telling me that it is not enough that we give them food and other services. We also need to teach them how to provide for their own, so that they can at least have the dignity and rise up from their situation. The question in my mind was, "Why they do not have food?"

But as I learned deeper about them, I just have to accept that we can only continue in giving something to them. It is a reality that in our society, their rank exists.

But when I looked into the eyes of their children I saw a glimpse of hope. The same innocent eyes. The same genuine smile. There are no differences between them and those who are born to rich families. I believe every  child is created with equal chances and opportunities to develop themselves and find their potentials. They are all children of the universe! To others, we just have to share our time, talent, blessings and wealth to bring out the best in them.

Join me in the journey of turning them into a gem.



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