Blog Action Day: Climate Chages Fast, Let Us Act Fast for Our Survival

"We are fighting for our survival," said Secretary Heherson Alvares - Presidential Adviser on Climate Change and Guest Speaker to the green carpet gala screening of the Age of Stupid.

Scientists already concluded that global warming triggered climate change effecting most environmental phenomenon and catastrophe.

No doubt, typhoon 'Ondoy' and 'Pepeng' are clear evidences of abnormal weather and climate conditions. These also proves how vulnerable and less prepared the country is to the threat of climate change. In the previous typhoons, we literally fought to survive. Hundreds had lost the battle. Many are still suffering and fighting at the evacuation centers.

The birth of civilization, slowly started the globe to warm.  our quest for a good convenient life increased the greenhouse gas emissions, slowly brought some species to extinction, melted the ice and advanced shorelines and sea levels.

When the human race started the "war for resources" and territories, the environment became devastated. Consumption increases as the population increases. Greedy people just cannot get enough. Manufacturers produced more than what is really needed, abusing the resources, sacrificing environmental protection in pursuit of huge profit.

Indeed, global warming that changes our weather and climate conditions are caused by human. So, we are all responsible for bringing back justice to our climate.

Now, we must act fast for our climate. We must fight for our survival and the generations next to us. Let us not make them ask, "Why didn't you stop climate change for us when you still had the chance?"

On December 7-16, 2009, G8 leaders will meet for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their decision to the ugly truth about climate change will shape the future of the planet. Let us demand that:

1. Industrialized countries commit to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% below 1990 level.
2. At least USD 140 billion every year be committed to support clean energy and other mitigation activities, forest protection and adaptation in developing countries.
3. A funding mechanism must be established to end gross deforestation and associated emission in all developing countries.
4 Developing countries should strive to achieve 15-20% deviation from business-as-usual growth.

In 2010 we will have our national elections. Let us now demand our Presidentiables to declare to us their visions and programs on climate change.

Everyone is responsible to the scientific demand to climate change. We must bargain for our future and survival.

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Join the virtual march to Copenhagen by signing the YoU Turn the Earth Petition.

Kindly endorse to your society the Global Campaign for Climate Action.

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