Today is 'Araw ng Dilaw'

Today is a public holiday. Maybe, many of us are glad that we have a day to retreat from our daily busy, unpredictable, stressful schedules. But today is not just like an ordinary holiday.

Today, we remember that 26 years ago, Ninoy was shot on the head upon returning to the Philippines amidst heated political turmoil, and, thus started the peaceful people power that regain our country's freedom and democracy.

Today, we remember once again how Ninoy fought the Marcos dictatorship and that we should 'Never Again' allow it to be forced on us.

Today, we cannot help to remember also that 21 days ago, the wife of Ninoy, former President Cory Aquino, passed away after several months of fighting against cancer.

Today, I cannot help to reflect once again on her life and struggles.

For me, she's the epitome of a perfect woman. A woman who has the capacity to give so much love. The woman who has able to win this nation with her great words. So soft spoken yet so powerful. So gentle yet so firm. The woman who has able to bring out the best in Ninoy, in her children, and in every Filipino. A woman who was not greed for power and peacefully leave her post to her succeeding president. A woman who made me believe that clean, peaceful and honest election in 2010 is still possible.

I will remember them not only today.

I am sure you will agree that their equally emotionally stimulating wake and burial ignited the sparks in our hearts to hope and believe also what they hope and believe for this country.

Today, the Filipino nation painted the town with yellow, to commemorate the lives of a great couple who sacrificed so much for the love of this nation.

Ninoy said, "the Filipino is worth dying for." Cory said, "the Filipino is worth living for." Today, they are both gone, but not in our hearts. For they left us with many meaningful legacies.

A poem made by Ninoy, dedicated to Cory


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