Noble President Cory Aquino Dies Today Leaving Filipinos the Legacy of Freedom and Democracy

I was on my way to the office this morning when I saw GMA news reporting about the death of former President Corazon Aquino at 3:18 am. Boy Abunda reported that the former president took his last breath while her children were praying the rosary.

I felt really sad in the passing of a humble and noble woman who contributed a lot to change the course of the history of our country.

She, really, is a great loss to the Filipinos.

Senator Chiz Escudero said in a forwarded message:
In democracy's darkest hour, she joined many others in confronting a repressive dictatorship. Her willingness to accept the daunting challenge of running in 1986 served as a catalyst for an unprecedented bloodless uprising that would lead to the restoration of democracy and the reinstitution of the many freedoms we enjoy and cherish today.

History tells us that our first woman head of state an uplifting figure who inspired her countrymen to begin the arduous task of rebuilding our nation. Experience shows us that an honorable and virtuous president who leads by example will always enjoy the respect of her fellow leaders and her people. And Cory's life teaches us that with an unwavering faith and a sincere desire to serve the nation, any Filipino can make a difference.

Let her story forever inspire us and future generations of Filipinos, and serve as a constant reminder that the Filipino is worth fighting for.

Thank you president for leaving us the legacy of Freedom and Democracy. Thank you for never stop believing that Filipinos are good people. Thank you for never stop believing in this country.

She may die today but her unending legacy will live in the hearts of every Filipino, forever.

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Chuck said...

Very touching post.

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