I Miss Tektite

My former supervisor asked me to come to Synovate, Inc. office to do some 'reasks' for the month of May.

I was obliged to. I promised to be of help whenever needed. For the past two weeks I was entertaining questions from my former co-workers regarding the job that I left to them.

I went to Synovate, Inc. office last Wednesday after my work at Principalia, Inc. in Makati. I arrived at Ortigas at around 7:00 pm.

I miss Tektite Tower in Ortigas. I miss the familiar faces of people rushing to go home. I miss my former colleagues and superiors. It was 7 pm and some of them were still busy for the new project briefing.

I stayed until past 8 pm, having conversation with some of my former colleagues and friends. One of them asked, "Haven't you any regret for the decision you made?"

I remained silent. I chose not to answer her question.

I thought, I can answer that after five years and beyond.

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