GPSEA Energy Revolution Bikeride

I was all set to join the Greenpeace Southeast Asia's (GPSEA) three-day Energy Revolution Bike Ride but changes happened in my work and schedule. I didn't able to join.

The 200-kilometer Energy Revolution bike ride which was started from Morong, Bataan was held on May 23, 24 and 25 concluding with a call to congress to reject Nuclear Energy.

Prior to the event Greenpeace generated more than 5,000 signatures in the petition condemning a nuclear future

As always, it turned out that the activity was a success. Some members of the congress are now, allegedly, not sure of supporting the revival of BNPP. Some have already withdrawn their signature from the list of BNPP supporters.

As thousands of our countrymen have already sent their messages to the congress to reject the proposal for nuclear power, it is our responsibility to watch, wait and take further action if necessary. We should uphold the massive uptake of renewable energy.

The bikers covered Congress gates with banners with the message “No to Nukes” and 1,000 pinwheels symbolizing renewable energy. The petition, which calls upon the representatives to reject the proposal to revive the BNPP, has been signed by five thousand people in last five days.

Reference and photo credits to: Greenpeace
Southeast Asia

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