From Ortigas to Makati

I believe living is taking risk.

Three weeks ago I decided to change career and shifted from one industry to another, from an international to a local organization.Life has lots of turning points. Sometimes we just feel that we want something different: different challenges; different excitements; different career, financial and personal growth.

I have served Synovate, Inc. long enough and I can proudly say that I have served it very well. Now, I am giving my service to Principalia, Inc. in Makati City.

With this new job I am praying to achieve my personal goals and commitments to myself and my family.

The Farewell

I hate goodbyes.

My resignation happened so fast I did not have the chance to change my mind. It is easy to resign. What is more diffcult is to bid goodbye to the people whom I worked with for several years (in my case five years). I promised myself that I will not cry but when my project director and supervisors tried to stop me from leaving I did not able to hold back my tears anymore.

Another thing that made me burst in tears was the messages I received from my colleagues. One of them said “Goodluck sa decision mo. Pagbubutihin namin ang trabaho kasi don ka namin naaalala.” The other one said, “Ang hirap pag wala ka. Miss ka na namin agad.”


Things really happened so fast. It was just like I slept in Ortigas and when I woke up I was already in Makati.

“Welcome to the company.”

It was Monday morning and I heard those words with a firm handshake from the company’s CEO.

“Eto nas ‘to,” so I thought.

New colleagues to be with.

New culture to adapt with.

New industry operation to learn.

New music that I have to dance with.

Everything is new that I have to learn things, fast.

Career Choices

I have been receiving job interview invitations several times. Yet, after several considerations, I always decide to continue working for Synovate, Inc. Until I grab this new opportunity.

I also considered working for Greenpeace Southeast Asia (GPSEA). Few weeks ago I received an emailed invitation to apply as the organization’s Media Campaigner. I have been a member and a volunteer of the organization for four years now. But, on second thought, I decided to seek a new career from a different organization. I can always be a GPSEA supporter and volunteer, anyway, while also growing with other organization.

So I terminated other choices and decided to start a new career with Principalia, Inc.

Life is a Do-It-Yourself Activity

Exactly three weeks have passed. I am already adapting with the culture and business procedures of my new company. I am learning everyday. The demands of my jobs are great. The challenges and the potential for growth are high.

I am ready to cope, with the Lord’s help and guidance, for I am planning to stay for long. I know that there will be many crossroads as I take this new journey, there will be many questions as I perform my job day by day. But I am not afraid because the people I am with, care.

And, after five years, I am hoping that I can look back to the day that I decided to change career and I can proudly say that I made the right decision.


eminess said...

It was surprising to know that you have already resigned, nawalan kami ng super galing na interviewer ñ_ñ.

I support you in your new endeavour nonetheless, alam ko naman kaya mo yan, ikaw pa :) Wag mo po sana kaming makalimutan. :)

God Bless!


PS. i love your blog. writer ka pala ate irene :)

ivr said...


I was touched with your phone call the other day. My resignation takes effect May 25, 2009. I am so sorry that I didn't able to talk to you personally. Things really happened so fast. Thank you so much for everything, for the special privileges and for the opportunities.

Yes, I will never forget that I was once a synovator. I still am, at heart. I learned a lot from our company. I learned so many things. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Many Thanks!


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