GPSEA Lighted 2,000 Candles in Commemoration of Chernobyl Disaster

We just have a solemn, symbolic candle lighting ceremony last night in commemoration of the Chernobyl disaster - the worst nuclear power plant disaster - 23 years ago.

Greenpeace supporters, volunteers, allies and friends lighted more than 2,000 candles at Bantayog ng mga Bayani ground in Quezon City last night as part of the protest to the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

The activity was also part of this month's Greencafe and celebration of Earth Day.

There was a photo exhibit of the Chernobyl disaster for Greenpeace supporters and friends at 4 pm.

The attendees watched the Zero Hour - a Chernobyl disaster documentary video of Discovery Channel

It was raining while we were watching the video. It still was when we started to light the candles. But after watching the video I was more convinced that we do not need a risky, expensive technology as a source of energy.

We offered a moment of silence for the immediate victims of the disaster and to its "continuing legacy of deaths, cancers and contamination."

The candles were wet. The grass were wet. My back was getting wet. But it seemed everybody was moved to light the 2,000 candles.

Few more minutes and it was done. We spelled "NO NUKES."

Please see photos here.
Please see Greenpeace blog here.

Photo credits: Greenpeace South East Asia

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