I Never Stop Writing

It's 2009! We are facing another year of challenges after a very trying, yet, fruitful year 2008.

I welcome the new year in the province. It started on a rainy, freezing cold morning. Though my brain was frozen, I didn't forget to thank the Lord for another year that He has allowed me to witnesss, experience and cherish.

My 2008, in general was great. I owed it, first of all, to God; to my loyal and concerned friends - especially to those who always give me the gift of prayers; to my colleagues; to every person I met whose story added shapes to my existence; and, of course, to YOU my readers - worldwide - who always inspire me to write.

It always give me a new height of excitement, inspiration and blogging experience everytime I receive comments and e-mails from you readers. So, Thank You raise to infinity!

I know my writings break most of the rules of formal writing. I think I just write naturally. Most of the times my emotions lead my writing. I have my own rhythm, my own step, my own melody, my own flow, my own notes. When you read my pieces it sounds just like me.

At some time I became exhausted and so I took a halt. Sometimes, when I cannot write, I felt I wanted to run away - to the sea or to the mountain - and I just ended up riding in a bus headed to Tanay, Rizal. There, I ride again the bus going back to the city and okey na ako.

I, actually, never stop writing. I write when I see a writing in progress. I write when I look at natural creations. I write while in a bus, taxi or train. I write in my sleep. It simply is not always done on paper.

This year, I want to put more thoughts into writing. I am reenergized enough to start writing again. I hope to share more of myself to touch more lives. I also hope to support more green campaigns and, ultimately, to inspire you - readers - to ACT for the planet.

So, please join me in this another year of blogging.

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renaye said...

sometimes its good to write when u have inspiration. it would be much more satisfying.

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