A Very Cartooney Christmas Party

Disney characters met last night. It was Synovate’s very cartooney Christmas party.

More than 300 Philippine Synovators gave time to met at Greenwood’s Clubhouse in Cainta, Rizal – despite heavy workloads and project deadlines – to celebrate the season, to give thanks to the blessings that the company had for the year.

Directors, managers, supervisors, group leaders, interviewers, support people, staff, janitors, janitress, Q.C, D.P. researchers, and editors came to the party wearing shirts printed with their favorite cartoon character.

It was a time to party and forget about work for a while. It was a time to laugh, sing, dance, eat, chat, play games, received awards, be recognized, and to be with the people from the different departments of the company.

For me, it was also a time to get prepared for the coming year. Economic recession is forecasted to effect next year. Our Director – Ms. Carol Sarthou – said in her opening message, “Hindi natin maihihiwlay ang trabaho natin sa ekonomiya ng ating bansa. Sinupin natin kung anong resources ang meron tayo ngayon (we cannot separate our work from our country’s economy. Let us take care of every resource that we have).”

This year’s Christmas party is quite simple – no, it was practical – yet happy the same way as we had it in Paladium, Brown Villa, Asturia, Aberden Court, etc. in the past years.

I think this year is still one of the best years for the company, and, for me – of course. I was blessed to gain raise during the second and fourth quarter of the year. At least, it compensated the inflation rate and increasing expenses, whew!

I believe next year will also be the best and more productive. Well, my supervisor just told me that our client - for four years now – is going to extend their contract with the company for the next two to three years. That’s good news for me.

I was enjoying the party. I was enjoying people smiling from ear to ear. Maybe, it was the effect of wearing shirts printed with cartoon characters and seeing, too, our favorite cartoon characters on the shirts of the people around us. No doubt, it gave us all the feeling of child-like happiness.

“Thank you everyone for coming to the party tonight…”

Closing message.

The party was over.

I was inspired to look forward into it, again, next year.

For the meantime, back to work.

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