Recycled Christmas Gift Wrappers

Christmas is just around the corner.

Many of us are still too busy.

So many deadlines.

So many things to do before the end of the year, so little time.

However, we cannot let christmas pass without shopping for gifts, right. No matter how busy we are, we can surely find time to shop for gifts.

In my case, I plan my christmas gift list four months before christmas. I had time to revise the list anytime, when necessary.

I started buying gifts few weeks ago. Likewise, I started preparing my gift wrappers ahead of time. I recycled scrap papers and shoe boxes for my gift wrappers. It took a lot of time preparing but the result, aside from earth-friendly, is satisfying.

Please see my gifts below.

1 comment:

LittleTea said...

i like your idea:) & its very pretty too

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