Esperanza's Forest Tour of Indonesia: Greenpeace Activist Blocked Palm Oil Tanker in Indonesia

In the ongoing 'Forest for Climate Esperanza's Tour of Indonesia,' - that started on October 6, 2008 - Greenpeace has exposed the rampant destruction of the Paradise Forest, the last remaining forest of Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, palm oil plantation and industrial logging are the major drivers of deforestation.

On November 10,2008, Greenpeace activists locked themselves in the anchor of a tanker ship to prevent a palm oil shipment. The following day, police and port authorities in Dumai Indonesia forced down the Greenpeace activists from the anchor of a Rotterdam bound tanker ship carrying 27,000 metric tons of crude palm oil.

The continued palm oil expansion in the virgin forests of Indonesia is one of the biggest driver of deforestation and peatland destruction.

Greenpeace is now calling on the Indonesian Government to implement an immediate moratorium on all forests conversions.

Meanwhile, The Jakarta Post - Indonesia's main English-language newspaper - is asking for readers' opinions in the recent happening in Dumai.

Treehugger, on the other hand is running a poll in connection with the event.

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