Second Green Cafe

The giveaways

This April's Green Cafe is more exciting.

Green Cafe is the monthly gatherings of Greenpeace supporters and members here in the Philippines.

This month's Green Cafe was held at Tree House Restaurant along Matalino St. in Quezon City. There, we had Mr. Von Hernandez as the speaker. He talked about Environment 101.

Mr. Von Hernandez is the new Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia. He is one of Asia's leading activists against waste incineration. In 2007, Time magazine named him one of their “Heroes of the Environment.” He is also a recipient of Goldman Environmental Prize. Last Saturday Mr. Hernandez talked about waste,toxic and climate change.

His talk inspired once again the Greenpeace supporters and members to seriously participate in protecting the environment.

Mr Hernandez talked about toxic, waste and climate change.

Mr. Hernandez said, “we cannot run a throw away society on a finite planet.”

We only have this planet and each of us is responsible in saving it. We should stop converting our finite natural resources into waste. Even development should be sustainable. It requires changing our lifestyles. And the change should begin from individuals. Everyone should learn how to consume less.

Ms. Judy - Database Supporter Services Officer - recognized my third year as a supporter.

The next Green Cafe will be held on May 24 on board the Rainbow Warrior. I'm sure it will be more fun, informative and exciting.

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Anonymous said...

Due to the bad weather condition, the third Green Cafe - on board the rainbow warrior - is rescheduled on June 1, 2008.

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