First Green Cafe, International Women's Day, Etc...

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, Gabriela – the country’s largest and most influential women’s group had set a women’s march on March 8.

No, I did not join the march. On March 8 also Greenpeace held its first monthly gathering of supporters dubbed as ‘Green Café’ at Trimona – a fair trade and organic restaurant – in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City.

We had two hours of engaging discussion about Greenpeace Project Clean Water, over cups of organic coffee.

Basically, we should opt to consume less, recycle and go back to organic foods so that we can stop polluting the earth, the environment, and the fresh water sources.

Women marches and demonstrations were also held in the country’s key cities in the same day that Greenpeace supporters were discussing on how to protect the most caring, most nurturing, most providing, most loving woman – the mother earth.

Mmmm, I am wondering. We celebrate women’s day every year but we do not have men’s day. Maybe, it is because ours is already a man’s world. So, every single day is men’s day. Nevertheless, in caring for the environment, we are equal in responsibilities.

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