To my Brother Ronald

First, I want to greet everybody a GREAT, WINNING year 2008!

This is for all my acquaintances, my great friends, my 'kababayans' abroad who weren't able to go home this holiday season – especially my dear brother Ronald.

We really, really miss you a lot brother.

Your children missed their Santa Claus.

I spent the holiday season here in Manila. I was really exhausted the past few weeks doing circus acts in performing my training for self improvement, my volunteer works and meeting stressful, draining deadlines in my job. You see, my supervisor supervised a provincial project in Davao and let me take charge in one of her projects here. I was in the office until December 23, Sunday.

I heard myself demanding a rest.

So, I decided to have a relaxing holiday season here in Manila – in the confinement of our apartment – to avoid another stress with the rush of people going to the provinces.

I had a relaxing Christmas and New Year here with Papa, Nene, Nonoy and Ingkay.

But, of course, I didn't forget to send my Christmas gifts to my precious nieces and nephews in the province – your children Ivan Dayle and Fiona Faith and their cousins Renze Miguel and Kyla.

What your wife – Racquel – did is she kept the gifts until Christmas eve and put those in the socks that your children placed near the window for Santa Claus to drop his gifts for them.

But your Ivan is really, really amazingly smart!

He can read now, Ronald.

So, when he looked for his sock on Christmas day, he knew that the gifts did not come from Santa Claus.

He knew that the gifts came from his Tita Bebe and Tita Gigi. Had I known, I'll not put my name there. Instead, I'll put 'From Santa Claus.'

But Racquel told us that your boy was happy and excited, anyway.

Will he be happier if the gifts came from his Santa Claus?

I am wondering if Fiona will still recognize her Santa Claus. She's less than a year when you left, Ronald. She'll be three on May.

I want to say 'Umuwi ka na.' But I can't and I won't.

Because I understand that you're not only working there for their Christmas gifts. Instead, you're working there for their future, so that you can give them a good life. I'm proud of you brother!

I am sure that they can understand it also, someday.

Don't worry, we are trying to be your proxy. We kiss and hug them, for you, as often as possible.

Pero iba pa rin talaga pag ikaw.We love you brother!

Have a great, winning year 2008!

Godspeed and be strong!

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